Samadhi Mandir

Samadhi Mandir Shirdi

 💫Samadhi Mandir which is a very attractive temple. The most special thing about this temple is that this temple is made of white marble, which is decorated with ornaments between two big pillars. 

💫After darshan of Sai Baba of Shirdi fulfills all the sufferings and desires.

💫Shirdi is the center of faith of millions of people. This is the third richest temple 🛕in the country, whose donation 💵box is never empty. Where even bitter neem gives sweetness to people. 

💫There are many such temples🛕 in the country whose fame is all over the world. One such holy dham associated with the faith of the people is Shirdi, the Sai temple of Shirdi, where thousands of devotees visit every day to pay their respects at Sai Baba's dehri.

💫This temple of Sai Baba is not only known for its miracles but also for the immense wealth collected through offerings. 

💫Talking about the Samadhi temple of Sai Baba, where after Baba went to Mahasamadhi, his mortal body was buried at this place.

💫 In front of this samadhi place there is a wonderful marble statue of Sai Baba. Where every year lakhs and crores of devotees come for darshan. 

💫The clothes worn by Baba and other items of antiquity are also kept in this temple.