Lendi Bag

Lendi Bagh🏞️ 

💫Lendi Bagh is a beautiful garden situated near the Shirdi-Manmad road. Baba spent most of his life in this garden. Baba was once sitting on a stone in Lendi Bagh, which was picked up by some people in Shirdi and he used to wash clothes.

💫Baba has planted the trees of this garden with his own hands. Baba would come to Lendi Bagh for a walk. People light a lamp at Nandadeep and talk about their mind to Baba. A pillar has been erected in the memory of Baba in this garden. The first miracle Baba did on the day of Deepawali by lighting diyas with water and every child of Shirdi started worshiping him. 

💫 *The eternal lamp of this garden is always burning under the Peepal tree. This tree was planted by Sai Baba with his own hands. This garden remains open for devotees to visit.*